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Welcome to all;  I have time for,  things Anita Cannibal.



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SoCal Schedule:
Any for a price, even Sunday.
Nv: At Chicken Ranch 9-3 to 9-15 2014

 Bookings Take Priority over local Gentlemens' Club appearances


Testing is NOT prevention:
Condoms are! 

Get tested anyway. 






SEX   and   LAW

  • LA City Council passes condom ordinance, vetoed by Mayor 2005 
  • State Legislator sponsors bill to protect sex workers never voted on 2005
  • Cal/OSHA codifies enforceable law to protect adult film performers 2005
  • "No sex worker need ever die from the horrors of  HIV/AIDS",  Anita Cannibal 2006
  • UCLA think tank, "The health and safety of adult film performers" 2006
  • KSEX radio show on safety issues, Anita Cannibal 2007-2008
  • USC n UCLA graduate students publish studies on sex workers around the world  2005-present
  • Federal and State Agencies evaluate n publish sex worker risks and public policy issues  
  • CAL/OSHA to enable bbbj w negative HIV test within 14 days 2011
  • 70,000 LA City voters sign a petition to have condoms on permitted porn sets 2011
  • LA City law; condoms on porn sets, officials state," No intent to harm industry" 2012
  • Anita Cannibal pushes for performer licence at local n state level 2012 - present
  • LA County to pass same-but-better worker protection condom law as LA City (60% VOTERS DID, duh) 2012
  • Simi Valley law; condoms on porn sets, enforceable immediately, GRR, city officials state "To keep pornographers OUT!" 2012

  • Anita Cannibal legal research externship "Sex as Legal Consideration in a Contract" Fed, State, County, City, International law 2013 for later publication here and with Greg Piccionelli Esq.
  • LA City law suffers three legal attacks immediately 2013
  • LA County law attacked federally by my hero 1st amendment attorneys' for preemption and burden on sexual speech 2013









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